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"I Have Nothing to Wear"

One could even bet a large amount on the assumption that this is a sentence most of us have told ourselves accompanied by a sigh of frustration while standing in front of a closet which barely has more space left - at least once before, right?

What an interesting ambivalence. But without philosophizing even more about this modern challenge of the 21st century many of us are facing regularly, let’s shift the focus to a simple – and more importantly – sustainable solution; the capsule wardrobe.

In order to help you with this frequent struggle, we will dive into the topic of a simple – and more importantly – sustainable idea; capsule wardrobes.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

First things first, let’s set the basis:

It can be defined as a limited selection of clothing pieces that

· are interchangeable,

· complement each other,

· are typically classic pieces that are always in style and

· harmonize in color and mainly comprise neutral shades (but of course if one prefers bold colors, the sky is the limit).

Although this conscious approach has been getting more and more popular on social media in recent years, the concept emerged numerous decades ago, when in the 1970s, Susie Faux opened a boutique offering essential clothing items that could be easily combined and would not go out of fashion and therefore could be worn for multiple seasons.

When it was reintroduced more than a decade later by Donna Karan, it became an immediate success, for good reason. The point of a capsule wardrobe is to enable the creation of a wide range of different outfits and to come up with an ensemble suitable for any occasion with a small amount of clothes.

This at the same time is saving us money and is putting an end to the “what should I wear” decision struggle – or at the very least, reducing the frequency of it.

Who would have thought that the rise of the pieces of clothing we own would result in increased stress when it comes to choosing an outfit instead of feeling like we got so many options, and that it’s actually the opposite that leaves us with that impression?

It seems like the phrase “less is more” receives true meaning in this case. Not only that, but – and this is the clever part from an environmental viewpoint – this minimalistic idea opens our eyes to the fact that you don’t need to possess an excessive collection of clothes to be able to dress diversely, thereby lowering our negative impact on the environment.

It is essentially a concept that emphasizes the notion that by buying less and curating a wardrobe of a few beloved garments, everyone benefits.

Our wallets, our mental health and in particular, this world we live in.

And This Is How You Can Spice It Up!

All this is enough reason to consider this concept a game changer, but the good news is that in case you wish to make capsule wardrobes even more enjoyable and interesting, you can put a twist on them!

How? With none other than incorporating the usage of clothing rental services, another sustainable fashion initiative gaining more and more popularity. Whether you would like to freshen up your limited collection and add a new piece temporarily or don’t want and/or need to purchase a new item, it is possible to include a new addition in your closet by booking clothing from rentals and having the chance to style them for a given period.

ReStyle is offering this exact opportunity, by frequently dropping new collections of varying items to choose from. What makes this even better is that ReStyle works with donations and second-hand clothing in order to reduce overproduction within the fast fashion industry.

The mission of us is to facilitate the rethinking and reformation of the way we consume clothing with the aim to ultimately generate change and contribute to making a positive impact - and we would like to invite you to join us on this journey!

Start building your capsule wardrobe and give it a boost in a sustainable way!

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