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We got you covered.

One Month

 The shown prices are per month, which is our rental period.

If you want to rent more, becoming a member can save you money and time!

Future Fashion

We believe that we have to work with what exists in the fashion world instead of producing new and fast. 

That's why our collections consist of pre-owned items, slow made, handmade, locally made or sustainable clothing.

Bike delivery

To reduce CO2 emissions, we deliver your order in Groningen and area per bike. Just let us know when you are home and we will ring your doorbell. 

Pro Tip: If you know your next month's rentals already, let us know in advance and we change old order with new in once.

Keep your Fave

You found a perfect fit? Then we are happy for you.

Of course, you can buy off the rented item for a reduced price and give it a new home forever.

If this is the case, just contact us before the pick-up so we can bring you another item if you want to and set the payment straight. 

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