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Your Fashion Rental Library 

We share Cars, Bikes and Netflix Accounts 
And now it's time for clothes!


How Renting Works

Exchage old order with new order
Pick your order to rent for the next month

Do you like something? Place your order for a rental through our


Cleaning & Quality Check of each item

Possibility to Exchange after one month and pick your new items

Thorough Quality Check

by ReStyle

Door Delivry of Order


at your door within Groningen and Leeuwarden

(we are coming to other areas soon)

Have Fun.
And a Good Impact.

Being sustainable doesn't mean you have to sacrifice choices. Keep developing your style and choose new items to wear with ReStyle.
Do yourself something good and our planet too.

Why Renting

The fast fashion industry is producing weekly collections of which 30% are never even sold and only 12% can be recycled.

The rest ends in landfills. This is 92 million tons of textile waste every year - one truckload every second. And the saddest fact: Over 95% of all textile waste is still wearable. 


Behind the Brand

I am Annika. A marketing enthusiast & brand lover. I found myself thinking that I

didn't know any alternatives to buying fast fashion items without sacrificing the possibility of wearing new outfits.

After finishing my Bachelor in summer 2021, I decided to give it a go and start my own venture. And here we are: We launched ReStyle's first collections & are excited what is still to come.


Become Part of the Change

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Spread the message and be the change yourself.

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And most of all: Spread the word within your friend groups. The more people rent, the fewer people buy. And that is our goal.

But we cannot do this without you.

So give renting a try and let it convince you by itself.

What People Say


Helen, 23, Student of International Relations at RUG

I have been pleasantly surprised by this lovely initiative! Got to know it through a Pop-Up Event and had to rent immediately. Kindly enough, I could rent a second time in the following month - because I loved the dress!

I take ages to decide on clothes, but nothing to lose here with this flexible option of renting for a month! Great idea, especially for (occasional) decision-noobs as me :) Can recommend to anyone - incredible work, guys! Love it


Feedback Forms of December Collection

I really liked renting a top for a special occasion!

I’m looking forward to spring and summer collections!

I'm a fan!

I really love the initiative and I think renting can become very successful!